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Why Colorado Mountain Towns Are So Fun

Ask any first time visitor to Colorado what their impressions are and they may express amazement at just how many things there are to do. Colorado has long been among the top destinations for winter activities. Visitors are now experiencing what locals have known all along; mountain towns in Colorado have something for everyone.

Arts and Entertainment

Have you been to the Telluride Blue Grass Festival? Since 1973, bluegrass and folk artists have performed with the San Juan Mountain range as a backdrop. Once a major destination for miners seeking riches during the silver mining boom of the 1880’s, Creede continues to educate and entertain visitors. The Underground Mining Museum is a must see for anyone interested in the history of the region.

Why not go to the top to enjoy arts and entertainment in the Colorado Rockies. Leadville, in addition to being the highest incorporated city in America, at 10,151 feet, offers visitors several museums, art galleries and over 50 historic buildings in town.

Breath-Taking Scenery

Much of Colorado’s appeal is the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains. However, Colorado is also rich in other landscapes. Crested Butte is a former mining town best known as the, “Wildflower Capital of Colorado.” A late spring or early summer trek will simply amaze you.

Designated as a Colorado Creative District, Trinidad attracts artists seeking inspiration from the mountains ringing the town. Visitors who want to take some of the beauty home with them will find a number of galleries featuring local artists.

Bountiful Recreation

Colorado has hundreds of sports and recreation options. Colorado Springs is home to the Olympic Training Center. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to make the most of what Colorado has to offer. There are activities for all-skill levels. Whether you enjoy skiing, snow-boarding, cycling, hiking, climbing, fishing, or golf, you will enjoy a memorable experience.

Something for Everyone

Colorado offers something for everyone. Visitors will find options for every taste and budget. Mountain towns in Colorado offer wonder and fun every day of the year.
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